General Requirements for Membership

General Requirements for Membership in Unrelated Donors Bank

Anyone who is ready to donate their stem cells to the patients in need can be a member of the Bank. There is no special requirement for this membership.

General Requirements:

  • Age  between 18 and 55
  • Physical health
  • No history of any kind of cancer
  • No sever heart failure
  • Not being infected with HIV or Hepatitis viruses
  • Not having autoimmune problems
  • Not having severe asthma

The volunteer’s blood sample will first be taken for HLA typing. The result will then be used in the searches to find a match donor for patients who need the stem cells. Your data will be confidential and used only for searching purposes.

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Address:  Iranian Stem Cell Donor Program(ISCDP), Shariati Hospital, Kargar-e Shomali Ave., Tehran, Iran

Telephone: +98-21-88353028-88357017-88352830-88353036